Our Investment Philosophy

At Everwood, we seek to earn the reputation of being one of the most trusted names in the hospitality industry.

We do this by fostering a leadership team that’s worked extensively in ALL roles of the operational spectrum; from housekeeping, front desk, food service, to Management and executive level positions at other top tier peer organizations. Everwood values data driven and people focused policies. We believe that no one is above any role, even our executive team, and that you are only as good as what you do. To us, this means Expert Stewardship of self, team and community.

Expert Stewardship of Self:

Everwood promotes “self” via ongoing learning initiatives for its associates, via fostering a disciplined research culture, implementing disciplined underwriting protocols and disseminating team knowledge that our leadership team has developed over decades of experience. We believe that the industry is changing and that our methodologies should also evolve as needed. Everwood Hospitality Partners believe that value discovery and value creation require a balanced coordination of multiple facets of “self” in order to deliver risk adjusted returns over time.

Expert Team Development:

Everwood’s employees or associates, as they are known to us, are at the core of our success. The property teams managed by our asset managers and management division understand that no one is above any role. We believe that leading by example will push us all to be our best. In that spirit, we encourage our executive leadership teams to work shifts at different levels of the property organization once a quarter. This promotes leadership, empathy, skill enhancement and an intimate knowledge of our hotels. Ultimately, we know that these initiatives lead to greater satisfaction among our associate teams and guest satisfaction which is key to profitability.

Expert Community Engagement:

Everwood believes that we are at our best when we’re positively engaged with the communities around us. This is also a lagging indicator of success but also the right thing to do for a business that values its people and environment. At our properties, we encourage our General Managers and Sales Managers to actively engage in and take leadership positions within local Chamber of Commerce associations and local industry and outreach organizations. Several of our managers lead their local Hotel Associations and actively take part in community improvement initiatives. Proper engagement within our communities not only benefits them, but also coalesces our teams and increases team satisfaction.